About Us

Sea native USA Inc. was established in 2008 and has been affiliated with The Northwest Native American Fisheries for more than 21 years. With such a long-term relationship with a very unique source of Indian Tribes, we have at our disposal, many varieties of Northwest Seafoods. We are well known for our “Dock to Door” service with no involvement with any middlemen.



Recently, Sea Native USA Inc. has built unrivaled reputation with global recognition in the seafood industry around its signature products, Salmon, Pacific Oysters, Geoduck, Clams and Dungeness Crab. We process, package and ship our seafood from the same facility. Our main office is located in the center of Seattle next to Boeing field. This gives us the unique ability to carefully monitor quality thorough all the steps needed to fill your order.

The airport is one step away to overnight to you. We pack your seafood in a sturdy shipping cooler with gel packs and insulated packing materials. We also provide large container shipments is for exporting.

Sea Native USA Inc. exceeds the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan guidelines. All of our shellfish are regulated by the Department of Health / Water Protection (DOH). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) inspects every package we ship for Environmental Control. Quality and safety are our number one goal for both our customers and our employees.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. From the processor to the owner, we all share the same goal… The customer’s care and satisfaction.

Rick Rinthalukay-Moore is the founder of Sea Native USA Inc. He attended the University of North Carolina in 1988. He holds an MBA and has extensive experience in the Pacific Rim. Obtaining a retail company in 1999 through his restaurant business, Mr. Moore has built an international seafood company exporting to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. He has become a leader in the global seafood industry. Rick prides himself on his reputation and his ability to deliver quality Seafood Worldwide as he compares himself to the upstream travel of the products he delivers.


” I have a very personal and spiritual connection with the Wild Salmon. They have taught me such a special purpose by their struggle as they make their long journey back  up Columbia River. As I witnessed, there were many twists and turns, and this reminded me the twists and turns of life, but always leading us back to our own roots. As I was on my own journey from my native country of Laos of my early young teen years to worlds unknown and an undecided destination and alone, I am happy to say that I can reflect on the courageousness and tenacity of the wild salmon as they swim upstream, back to their roots to spawn. I too am able to get back to my roots in a sense, by delivering my salmon and other seafood to many parts of Asia.”

Rick stresses his seven keys of success including hard work, honesty and integrity as: Passion, Belief, Strategy, Vision, Energy, Bonding and Communication.


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