The Circle Of Life

Salmon have a life so unique, SeaNative USA is compelled to share in  text, images and video their story.

Please enjoy this¬†part of our website we call “The Circle of Life”

Most salmon species are born in fresh water and make their way to the open salt water of the ocean only to return to the very place they came from to produce new life. This process will be repeated for generations. It is a fascinating journey unlike any other on earth.

The chart below show the stages of life for salmon.



The Pacific Northwest is home to many varieties of salmon. Most make the journey to salt water. Some however remain in their fresh water habitats, such as Steelhead and Kokanee. These species are known as “Non Migrating”

The story we would like to tell today, is about the migrating salmon. These species include Chinook (King), Coho, (Silver), Sockeye, Keta (Chum) and Humpy (Pink).

Migrating salmon have played a part in the culture of the native people of the Pacific Northwest for centuries. There are events both celebratory and ceremonial, to honor them.


It boggles the mind to think… how do they do it? How does a fish leave its nesting place, travel downstream for many miles and then enter a new underwater world at sea? But this is not the amazing part. After growing to adulthood in the ocean and traveling thousands of miles in it’s lifetime, the salmon will return to the mouth of the very river or stream where it entered the deep blue, travel back upstream to the very place where it’s life began and start life anew for its offspring.


Check back soon for more about The Circle of Life. We will be adding more educational and moving thoughts, images and videos of one of the planets most fascinating creatures.